I often get asked by sufferers in consultation or on the net what they can do to make their face appear thinner. Apart from the apparent answer of weight loss for some sufferers, they are particularly asking about facial fat removal either via liposuction or removal of the buccal fat pads. Although liposuction can make a terrific distinction in the neck, it is not a great technique for removal of fat in the face. This has been attempted a lot in the previous and all that commonly occurs is a lot of swelling with small to no final results. So that leaves the buccal lipectomy process as the only correct fat removal process of the face.

What is a buccal lipectomy and what can it truly do? The term, buccal, indicates cheek and we are speaking about a pretty distinct collection of fat that sits appropriate beneath the cheek bones in the appropriately named buccal space. It is situated involving the cheek skin and the cheek lining inside the mouth. It is a pretty substantial fat collection, about the size of a golf ball, and truly has fingers of fat that go beyond the cheek into other locations such as the temples. It does give fullness to the cheek location but is not accountable for fullness at the level of the corner of the mouth or beyond. The precise explanation we have this buccal fat is not truly recognized but most think it serves as cushioning involving the chewing muscle tissues.

Removal of the buccal fat pad is truly very simple via a modest incision inside the mouth. The fat is conveniently teased out and a surprising quantity can truly be removed. How substantially to get rid of is a matter of judgment. If the patient has a truly complete round face, I will attempt and get rid of as substantially as probable to build an impact that can be observed via their thick overlying skin. You have no worries that you will make them as well 'thin'. In thinner folks one particular has to be cautious to not get rid of as well substantially for it is probable to give somebody a pretty gaunt or hollowed appear months or years following surgery. Undoubtedly in a pretty thin face, this process should really not be carried out.

The final results from a buccal lipectomy is to build a flattening or indentation of the location beneath the cheek bones. This impact is mimicked by the application of makeup that ladies use to contour the cheeks. (darker makeup underneath the cheek bone) Although this assists thin out or narrow this element of the face, other procedures are commonly necessary to build an all round facial modify that tends to make it seem thinner, such as liposuction of the neck and chin augmentation.