What do sufferers have to have to know about fat grafting for breast augmentation? Can you use your personal fat to get larger breasts. A plastic surgeon shares three issues you have to have to know about fat transfer for breast augmentation.

For most girls, it sounds as well great to be correct. Finding rid of a small fat about the thighs, hips or tummy and employing it to get larger breasts? Why would everyone ever get implants once more?

Enlarge Your breasts Without Surgery

I not too long ago attended the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery) meeting in Denver, Colorado, and there are a lot more current advances in fat grafting, in particular in breast augmentation. And although fat transfer for breast augmentation is undoubtedly feasible, there are three vital issues sufferers ought to know that retain this process from becoming wildly well-known. At least for now.

1. You Have to Be Fat Adequate

I know what you are pondering. Of course, I have sufficient fat for new breasts! But you could be shocked how a lot fat is in fact essential.

Normally, two to 10mL of liposuctioned fat is essential to make 1mL of processed fat. For a common 300cc breast implant (about a C cup for most girls), you would have to have about 1.two pounds of fat. And that is only for a single breast.

You may possibly assume you have at least 3 pounds of fat on you, and you possibly do, but it may possibly not all be in a single practical spot that is accessible for liposuction.

2. Pre and Post-Surgical Breast Preparation

Fat grafting for breast augmentation stretches the current skin a lot more than an implant does. For this cause, you have to prepare your breasts by employing a device known as the BRAVA program.

For a prosperous fat grafting breast augmentation, you will have to have to put on two significant domes more than your breasts that make suction for roughly six-10 hours a day, every single day, for 3 weeks. This stretches the skin and begins the approach of new breast tissue development. Surgeons have located that skipping the BRAVA program just before surgery does not stretch the skin sufficient to accommodate the fat.

Right after surgery, some surgeons advise wearing the BRAVA program once more to encourage the skin, breast tissue and fat to expand.

3. Fat Grafting Dangers

There are some surgical dangers distinct to fat grafting. They contain:

  • The fat becoming reabsorbed into the physique
  • The fat losing its volume and thinning out
  • A danger of calcification, which is when the grafted fat types a scar
  • Inconsistent final results

Technologies continues to increase for breast augmentations that use a patient’s personal fat. But for now, there are nonetheless some important drawbacks and inconveniences related with fat grafting for breast augmentation.