Decently well, answer the accompanying 25 inquiries. There’s no scoring. In any case

you’ll know whether you ought to be happy with your answers, or not. On the off chance that you’re not,

maybe you have some work to do.

1. What are the advantages you offer?

2. What do you think spurs your customers to purchase? Are they driven by Fear of Loss,

Want for Gain, Self Preservation, Safety, Health, Security, Recognition, Power, Net

Benefits, Increased Sales, Lower Costs, Knowledge, Self Actualisation, Social Status,

Wealth, Popularity, Self Expression, Acceptance, Prestige, Success, Pleasure, or a

blend of a couple of these?

3. For what reason do you think your best/most loved customers bought your administration/item?

(What benefit(s) pulled in them?)

4. Have you asked your customers for what valid reason they bought from you.

5. How does your administration improve the life or work states of your customers?

6. Have you composed a profile of your best customers?

7. Have you recognized where to locate the best grouping of your best


8. Have you recognized elite of possibilities like your best clients?

9. Considering all the potential possibilities you’ve recognized, with which ones could

your administration/item have the greatest effect?

10. How do your customers typically buy your administration/item? (Your dispersion


11. Who is your opposition?

12. What other “rivalry” do you have? (i.e., different sorts of items/administrations,

absence of mindfulness with respect to your possibilities, and so on)

13. For what reason do your possibilities purchase from your opposition? (What advantage do they offer?)

14. For what reason would or should your possibilities change from your opposition to you?

15. Would you be able to list 5 to 10 reasons why somebody should buy your item/


16. What makes your administration/item remarkable or better than others? (This is your

interesting selling recommendation, or USP)

17. Have you decreased your USP into a fifteen-word-or-less “business”?

18. Have you recognized a market specialty wherein you do/can practice?

19. Have you enlightened your possibilities regarding your strength? (Or then again is your forte covered

in your showcasing materials among the wide range of various things you can likewise do?)

20. How are you bringing issues to light of your administration among your possibilities?

21. Do you have a showcasing “blend”, or do you rely on one promoting instrument to

fabricate your business?

22. Does the picture you present to your objective market satisfy the picture your

target market feels they merit?

23. What might befall your business if your best two customers left you in the equivalent

half year time span?

24. Is it true that you are burning through 20 to 30% of your experience on advertising exercises? (In the event that you are a

fire up, would you say you are burning through 80 to 90% of your time showcasing?)

25. Do you have quantifiable objectives for your business?

26. What one significant hindrance remains among you and your objectives?

In the event that you battled with a couple of these, you have some work to do. In the event that these inquiries

perplexed you, you have a lot to do.