The Affordable Care Act, known by many simply as ObamaCare, has certainly sparked quite a bit of debate since going into effect. Many people have questions and concerns about how they will be affected in general. Instead of relying on hearsay, listed below are some facts about the healthcare reform in general.


For starters, the official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was officially signed into law in order to reform the health care industry by current President Barack Obama in March 2010. It was then upheld by the Supreme Court in June of 2012.



As the name implies, the goal of the reform is to give Americans in general a more affordable option when it comes to healthcare. It is also meant to prevent the growth of more and more health care spending by the United States. The reform expands the affordability and availability of private and public health insurance, allowing people to get the coverage they need to live a healthier life overall. This does not mean insurance already in place will necessarily be replaced. Those who have health insurance that already meets the standards of the Affordable Care Act will not have to change anything. The same rules apply to people who are currently on Medicare or Medicaid.


The common misconception is that this reform is to regulate health care. It is actually meant to reform health insurance to protect people who have had issues in the past. Under the reform, health insurance companies are no longer able to make unethical price hikes for no reason, post lifetime limits or deny people cover because they have a preexisting condition. The reform is a complete overhaul in some cases, similar to when entertainment betting in the United States began to be regulated.


Affordability is a major issue for a lot of people, and it is also the main reason why many Americans currently do not have health insurance already set up. There are a lot of different options for people to choose from with the Affordable Care Act in place. For starters, large employers will be required to offer health insurance to all full-time employees. There will be new tax breaks for small businesses who wish to offer health insurance to their employees as well. Individuals who work independently or who are not offered health insurance through an employer do not have to rely on entertainment betting or anything else to pay their premiums either. Americans who make less than $45,960 as an individual or $94,200 as a family of four will be eligible for quite a few breaks in price.


In total, over 100 million Americans have already seen a change in their health insurance. As more and more items are rolled out between now and 2022, it will definitely change how health care is treated in the United States. Some are frustrated with the Affordable Care Act, while some see it as a huge blessing. Regardless of the side a person falls on, it is important to simply know the facts before getting started.