City of Waco Texas

A Visit to Texas is incomplete if one misses Waco City. A guaranteed fun trip where one can enjoy many visual attractions, the historic suspension bridge, art exhibition, theatre and musical shows, educational institutions, parklands and so on. Waco Texas City brims with hotel chains, restaurants, shopping arena making the tourists and localities celebrate life.

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This city is situated along the Brazos River and I-35 halfway between Dallas and Austin. The second most popular city in Texas is the county seat of McLennan County. Erstwhile occupied by the Witcha Native American group, the city in 1902 received allotments of lands and became official US city. The town of Waco was built around the Waco suspension bridge and it is the location of the McLennan county house as well. More than 20,000 people commute to and fro for work in this downtown.


Blessed with a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters the city has good share of land and water. February to April and September to November are the best time to visit this place. Rainfall is moderate and plenty to sustain life.


Waco has a council-manager form of government. The city has a line of community services similar to other American cities like police, fire, Transit bus services, power, water management, waste water and solid waste disposal. To aid travelers there are convention halls and visitorsbureaus.

The happenings that etched Waco’s name in history are

  • Invention of the soft drink Dr.Pepper in 1885.
  • The merger of the oldest institution of Texas, the Baylor University along with Waco University in 1886.

Major Tourist Attractions

With 5 historic homes, seven recreational venues, nine art galleries Waco is has many memoirs of history.The heart of Texas is equipped with African, American, Indian, Czech, and German, Hispanic heritage centres that are popular for the display of ethnicity. The Waco Texas City also has ample sporty, natural and lifestyle centres where people of all age group can spend wonderful time together.

  • World Mammoth Site- this wooded parkland along the Brazos River is a splendid walking stretch. There were bones of extinct mammoths discovered in the river banks that made this site popular and coveted.
  • The Cameron Park and zoo-It is one of the biggest and best municipal parks in the city that is situated on the Brazos and Bosque rivers. Laden with play grounds and splash pads, this park houses may races, triathlon events, disc golf, paddling and cycling trails for 15 miles and many more adventures with wildlife and vegetation.
  • Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum- This is the official museum hosting the fame and repository of the Texas Rangers
  • The cotton wood creek and golf course- ranks as the prime municipal 18 holed golf course in Texas.
  • Dr. Pepper Museum- It reprises days when the famous soft drink was first made and cherished by people in neighborhood


The Waco Texas City breathes life in one with the numerous festivities that are celebrated throughout the year with great pomp and enthusiasm. Some of them worth mentioning are the Aloha Festival, Bay to the Breakers festivals, Bumbershoot, Burning man, Fantasy Fest, French Quarter Festival and many more. The city is lit up heavily and the locals help the outlanders to enjoy these festivals with full vigor

Food and Dining

Plenty of dining options are available in the Waco City that suits taste and budget. From Tex-Mex tamales to Thai or Indian, Waco Cuisine is a gastronomic delight. Fast foods, food truck etc help the tourists to pick and pack quick lunch for their no-halt travel.


Safe and reliable public transportation is the tag line of the Waco transit System. A fixed route bus service within the city limits, the Baylor University shuttle and a demand van facility for those who wish to hire and drive themselves are a part of this communication services.

This city has the perfect blend of nature, education, sport and recreational centres in Texas. A trip that exhausts one physically and mentally with the splendid attractions is the Waco Texas City.


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